Himalayan Salt Plates (round)

 Himalayan Salt Plates (round)

Model No.︰8x8x1.50 inches

Brand Name︰AGT Hamdani Salt Factory

Country of Origin︰Pakistan

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰-

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Product Description

Material: natural crystal Himalayan rock salt

Color: Mixed pink, orange-red

Packaging: polyethylene plastic wrap, inner box and the main box, or according to your requirements.

We can also design and manufacture according to your requirements.

Himalayan rock salt crystal lamps buy natural Christmas / New Year and other festivals, as well as through the year. Get it directly from the manufacturer (AGT Hamdani Salt Factory) Pakistan great export prices. We never compromise on quality.

AGT Hamdani Salt Factory  has following size :
1) AGT HSP Pink, Red 8x8x1.5 inches Sq
2) AGT HSP Pink, Red 8x8x1.5 inches Round
3) AGT HSP Pink, Red 10x8x1.5 Inches 
4)  AGT HSP Pink, Red 12x8x1.5 Inches 
5)  AGT HSP Pink, Red 9x9x1.5 Inches Sq
6)  AGT HSP Pink, Red 10x8x1.5 Inches  Round
7)  AGT HSP white 7x7x1.5 Inches  Sq
8)   AGT HSP  white 7x7x1.5 Inches  Round 
9)   AGT HSP White 10x6x1.5 Inches 

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