Awarded Best Export Promotion Award 2009-2010 

Nominated for Best Award Made in Sargodha 2011-2012

AGT Himalayan  Hamdani Salt Factory, a reputed name in the Salt Industry was established in 1975. All our establishment is in the Warcha Himlayan salt mines Quidabad Punjab. Since 1995, we have been involved in the production of the following products:


  • ·         Natural Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamps

    ·         Ball Shape Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamps

    ·         Tear Drop Shape Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamps

    ·         Bowl Shape Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamps

    ·         Cube Shape Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamps

    ·         Diamond Shape Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamps

    ·         Horse Head Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamps

    ·         Elephant Shape Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamps

    ·         Dolphin Shape Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamps

    ·         Flower Shape Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamps

    ·         Heart shape Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamps

    ·         Natural Crystal Himalayan Salt Candle Holders

    ·         Crafted Crystal Himalayan Salt Candle Holders

    ·         Himalayan Edible Rock Salt

    ·         Pink Himalayan Salt of Various Sizes

    ·         Red Himalayan Salt of Various Sizes

    ·         Himalayan Crystal White Salt of Various Sizes

    ·         Black Salt ( Kala Namak ) 

    ·         Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt for Animal Licking.

    ·         Himalayan Salt Tiles and Bricks for Construction

    ·         Himalayan Salt Inhaler

    ·         Himalayan Salt Massage Stone

    ·         Himalayan Bath Salt

    ·         Natural Rock Salt Boulders

    ·         Himalayan Salt Pillars

    ·         Himalayan Salt Plates for Cooking and Serving

    ·         Industrial Salt



Our products are of the highest quality, and due to our huge size, we are able to manufacture your products at extremely good prices and in very low lead times. We are flexible and keep adjusting to our clients needs. We cooperate with exporters, wholsalers, retailers, and individual Clients.

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Cell # 0092 300 6022355

Cell # 0092 300 6079355 


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AGT Salt World Group

Warcha Salt Mines Road 

Himalayan Hamdani Salt Factory city Qaidabad

Punjab Pakistan