AGT Himalayan Salt Plates:

Among the three white things that usually quacks around the world prescribe to avoid in order having a healthy life are rice, sugar and salt. Paradoxically we are told to cut short the use of salt in our food to resist diseases like blood pressure yet this precaution is applicable for table salt causing many diseases associated with its over consumption, natural crystal salt extracted from salt mines is the best energizer and detoxifier that contains in it miraculous attributes of curing many health problems.
AGT Himalayan Salt Plates are used for natural Salled with food is the best natural alternative to purify the natural beauty of all us.
AGT HSF has following size :
1) AGT HSP Pink, Red 8x8x1.5 inches Sq
2) AGT HSP Pink, Red 8x8x1.5 inches Round
3) AGT HSP Pink, Red 10x8x1.5 Inches 
4)  AGT HSP Pink, Red 12x8x1.5 Inches 
5)  AGT HSP Pink, Red 9x9x1.5 Inches Sq
6)  AGT HSP Pink, Red 10x8x1.5 Inches  Round
7)  AGT HSP white 7x7x1.5 Inches  Sq
AGT HSP  white 7x7x1.5 Inches  Round 
9)   AGT HSP White 10x6x1.5 Inches